Leadership & Culture

These programs are unlike anything you’ve encountered before.

In our Leadership & Culture focused sessions, the Griffith team will work with you to create a breakthrough in leadership and overall team performance for your organisation.

You will have access to our tried and tested methods and techniques, our years of industry and organisational experience and our strategic knowledge - all at your fingertips.

The great thing is that you can tailor each program to you and your needs, making the results even more dramatic and long-lasting.


Leadership & Culture programs

The High Performance Leadership Coach Program

Perfect for CEOs, high level managers and team leaders wanting a personalised experience

The High Performance Leading Culture Program

This one is for all team members at any level in your organisation, designed to get them thinking strategically and performing at their peak.

The Five Focus Strategies to Achieve High Performance Leadership

This one-day intensive workshop has been created for all levels in your organisation.