The High Performance Leading Culture Program

Creating a breakthrough in individual and team performance


Get your team involved and foster a culture of high performing people through our results-oriented program.

Working with you, we’ll create a high-performance culture change – taking you through each step, one person at a time. And when each person acknowledges and owns their accountability, you’ll see the magic start to happen and the real change will kick in.

Technical skills give us the basis of our professional development, but they do not guarantee the growth of the social and emotional intelligence needed to create a resonant team culture. That is something often left to chance or to the skill of an individual.

The High Performance Leading Culture Program presents a new framework to understanding ourselves; how we operate in teams, our motivation, our thoughts, attitudes, beliefs; how we deal with stress and other personalities in our teams.

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We do this in five integrated parts: 

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Our council has been partnering with Griffith Consulting Group in a program of Leadership and cultural change for over six years.

This program works at the “root underlying cause” of organisational performance -the individual -and we have come to understand culture resides in the individual and that to change the culture we need to engage each person in a process of completely transforming their understanding of how they are accountable for the results in their own lives and the organisation.

This program is not a magic pill or a quick fix
(those types of programs never work)
but it rewards those that are persistent and genuinely open to changing themselves with better results at a personal, team and organisational level.
— Kate McMillan, Manager Organisational Development Mildura Rural City Council 2015.