Programs for Individuals

An exclusive opportunity to partner with our team of experienced industry and organisational experts as they guide you, support you and coach you towards your ultimate potential.

These programs aren’t limited to executives or managers - our powerful and tailored programs will build leadership and performance capabilities for individuals.

And the results speak for themselves: 97% of past participants found that our programs were a major benefit for work and life.

We’ll help you develop techniques and strategies to foster high performance.

Choose one of our popular public programs...

The Success Without Stress Meditation Program

Perfect for individual and team wellbeing 


An escape that will change your whole life.

High Performance One on One Coaching Program

A system of strategies for achieving greater focus, simplicity, productivity and effectiveness

The High Performance 360° Emotional & Social Competency report

This report is targeted at CEOs, high level managers and team leaders. It will give you a holistic view of your competencies as well as outlining areas for immediate and long-term improvements