THE Leadership & Wellness Retreat

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Are you feeling the effects of stress, burnout, lack of motivation, anxiety? It’s completely ok if you are! These are all by-products of the constant demands leaders like CEOs, directors, executive managers and their team mates experience every day.

The key is to overcome them.

We can help you do just that through our in-residence wellness programs and executive retreats, which will:


Join FOUNDER & CEO of the Griffith group, Steve Griffith in bali for his retreat

‘The Science and Art of Holistic Rejuvenation, Mind, Body, Heart & Spirit’

31st August - 7th September 2019

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Welcome to a week of rest, rejuvenation, learning and transformation. I am excited to invite you to join us for an amazing week at Sukhavati, Ayurvedic Retreat & Spa.

If you are already a meditator, this program will provide you with a new level of immersion. If you haven't learnt to meditate yet, what a better time to learn the power of Meditation; the 20 minutes that will change your life.

This Rejuvenation Program will see you take part in a one-on-one consultation with our in-resident Ayurvedic Physician, Dr Raju who will identify your personal health issues, goals and current state. The consultation helps you to learn about Ayurveda and it's incredible ability to restore balance and joy for your mind, body, heart & spirit, through 90 minutes of personalised spa treatments, per day.

You will also be offered the opportunity to attend seminars about Ayurveda and Meditation led by Dr Raju and myself, for ongoing learning opportunities as well as twice-daily yoga classes, bike rides, guided walks, use of the pools, and Ayurvedic, organic meals every day.

Take this time out and take the opportunity to holistically transform, regenerate and return to your normal life in a different state of mind, body, heart & spirit. You will return home with a new health-plan, perspective and understanding to put into action, to maintain your new-found state.

There are only 7 spots on this course, allowing a more in-depth and individualised healing and learning experience. This is a special opportunity that we don’t normally offer, so don't waste time thinking about it, take that step for yourself and your health, today!

Contact us here or email to chat with one of our reservations officers about the program and to secure your place. We look forward to speaking with you further!

The scale, diversity and complexity of organisations requires a focus on individual and collective leadership and employee health, teamwork and whole of organisation coordination to ensure they deliver value. The absence of this comes at a cost far greater than the one off investment.
— Dale Dickson, CEO GCCC 2006
This experience was one of those ‘once in a lifetime’ ones that I will be forever grateful that I had. I have spent decades studying Eastern and in particular Vedic knowledge, and Steve’s delivery is absolutely exquisite. I found the entire Retreat to be wonderful, and in particular the people were all incredible and have become long term friends. This is a testament to Steve’s natural, humble and very witty approach to life, that attracts likeminded people. The depth of study, knowledge and practice was remarkable and I have found everything I learnt so useful for my daily life back in Australia. I would highly recommend this to anyone wishing to take their meditation practice to the next level. For anyone wanting to engage with life 200% and desiring a complete re-boot on how they live their life, to upgrade to one of purpose, authenticity and creativity, this is the experience for them.
— Jacqui Lewis, Creator and Director, The Broadplace