A system of strategies for achieving greater focus, simplicity, productivity and effectiveness

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We have two different qualities of internal machinery, the conscious mind or “working memory” and the subconscious mind or “hard wiring”, which is at a deeper level of feeling. From the biological perspective this is the neo-cortex and the limbic brain.

Any time we try a new activity, behaviour, or way of thinking we are forging a new pathway in the brain. We are creating circuits that don’t currently exist. Doing this takes energy, focus and requires extensive use of our subconscious mind.

Aligning knowledge and action is still the challenge for individuals and organisations alike. Since knowing and doing are not the same thing, often we know the best practice but our actions are not part of a process. Gaps still exist that can only be bridged by clearly defining the behaviour, seeing the opportunity for improvement and creating the strategy to achieve the change.

One-on-one executive coaching sessions are a key strategy to assist and provide clarity and focus on key challenges and new results.

Working with your coach, during your executive coaching sessions, will help bring greater clarity and steps fulfil your vision, values and goals. This supports a shift towards establishing new positive routines and a move towards a higher level of engagement and results both personally and professionally. 

The coaching program is designed with a minimum of 6 sessions allowing 60 minutes for each session.


11 Personality profiling tool.png

Personality profiling tool for identifying strengths and challenges

03 120-day.png

120 day action planner focusing on key strategies to build new competencies

10 Goal setting.png

Goal setting



07 Study Groups.png

Ability to identify the gaps between current self and ideal self

09 teaching and practical.png

Ability to clearly identify the actions needed to achieve new results

03 120-day.png

Ability to construct an ideal vision of oneself through a 120 day action planner

It is refreshing to apply different strategies to be able to understand and make positive changes to my lifestyle, the process is liberating, the understanding of it all is eye opening and the outcomes are very positive. Enjoyable.
— Cooper Cronk, Athlete, Melbourne Storm Rugby League
I have been fortunate to experience Steve’s One on One Coaching when going through significant change from a full-time senior executive career to developing a wider portfolio of interests. I found the resilience that is provided through meditation combined with Steve’s guidance has supported me to be open to a broader range of opportunities going forward. I have a stronger appreciation of the journey and look forward to it continuing to evolve.
— Warren Lee, Non Executive Director