High Performance Leadership Coach Program

Do you want to take your leadership capabilities to the next level?


A system of strategies and tools for achieving greater focus, vitality, simplicity, productivity and work/life balance, enabling leaders to achieve a quantum leap in results and satisfaction.

This is our six-month flagship leadership program, designed for innovative and strategically-minded CEOs, management and team leaders. The leadership program engages leadership, team vision, relationships, purpose and values.

Throughout this leadership coaching program, you’ll receive:

  • What we’ve coined the ‘Whole Person Leadership Model’.

  • Ramping up your leadership qualities and fine-tuning your management style to be more effective.

  • Individual leadership coaching sessions to develop a plan and track your progress throughout the program.

  • The High Performance Leadership Coach Program is based on a system of effective, holistic strategies that will achieve genuine and ongoing results.

  • Our leadership program provides serious results - in fact, up to 60% improvement in clients' leadership competencies.

  • An increase in mental alertness and clarity of mind.

There’s four elements to this:

01 kick-off seminar.png

A kick-off seminar and hands-on learning workshop

03 120-day.png

A 120-day self-directed learning action planner. Work through your plans and progress in your high performance coaching sessions.

04 Executive leadership coaching.png

Executive leadership coaching

05 High performance health mgmt.png

High performance health management program to get you performing at your peak, including our popular ‘Success Without Stress’ meditation program

This program has been the most effective personal and professional development initiative in which I have participated, a view shared by all our managers. The program took a holistic approach to improving performance in all the intelligences, providing a transformational experience through the insights and learnings for application in the workplace.
— Glenn Patterson, Chief Executive Officer Shire of Yarra Ranges 2015
I have really enjoyed the program, it was very worthwhile. I have participated in a lot of leadership programs in the past but this was a different focus on self-leadership. The building block behind good management is to keep learning.
— Brian Pidgeon, Chief Executive Officer Toowoomba Regional Council 2015
I have been fortunate to experience Steve’s One on One Coaching when going through significant change from a full-time senior executive career to developing a wider portfolio of interests. I found the resilience that is provided through meditation combined with Steve’s guidance has supported me to be open to a broader range of opportunities going forward. I have a stronger appreciation of the journey and look forward to it continuing to evolve.
— Warren Lee, Non Executive Director