The High Performance Wellness Program

Managing stress and energy to increase performance, happiness and workplace wellness

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A company’s success depends greatly on its employees: their health, contentment and performance. Our Workplace Wellness Programs work to address the issues on a personal level, for all employees.

When people feel good, they work at their best. The more positive our overall mood, the more we grow our ability to generate new perspectives and creative ideas.

Leaders must build on the foundation of culture and engagement to focus on the employee experience holistically; building resilience, energy, wellness and engagement that leads to less stress, more creativity and innovation.

Research now shows the link between creative thinking, stress levels and performance. We can no longer ignore the profound impact and cost that levels of stress have on our thinking, energy, health, resilience, emotional intelligence and its effect on the people we work and live with.

Our range of workplace wellness programs, seminars and workshops are designed to directly reduce the causes of stress, addressing its known causes in the workplace to reduce company losses.

The program includes the 4-day meditation course, and can include an ongoing monthly or weekly course series.

These workplace wellness programs are designed to: 

  • Build resilience

  • Provide tools for managing stress

  • Support work/life balance

  • Improve diet and nutrition

  • Prevent the causes of chronic disease

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To achieve personal leadership, cultural and organisational change, new learning must take place. For real and permanent change to be achieved it must take place over a long period of time acknowledging the need for learning, practice and repetition.

The High Performance Success Wellness Program is conducted over a 4 month period to provide sufficient time and support for the new learning to be implemented and higher levels of leadership performance established.

This program achieves a breakthrough in performance because it has a systematic approach that transforms and enriches every level of mind, body and behaviour towards wellness and balance.

This holistic system of learning includes:

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Seminars and Learning Workshops

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Individual instruction and Coaching Sessions

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The teaching and practical application of effective tools to reduce stress and improve performance

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Implementing a 120 Day Self Directed Goal Planner


Meditation is now part of Business today. It works for leading organizations around the world who have introduced meditation in the work place, such as Sony, Google, Harvard Law School, The New York Times, The United Nations, IBM, IMG and Lazard's. Improved job performance, emotional intelligence and reduced sickness and absenteeism are significant and substantiated reasons for implementing and including meditation in HR training.

Meditation has been shown in hundreds of studies to significantly reduce stress and enhance productivity. The Success Without Stress Meditation Program – SWS – is a tool for regular mental rest and rejuvenation. The SWS technique is effortless and can be learnt by anyone. This makes it an ideal component of any stress management, wellness or professional development program.

International Studies published in peer reviewed journals have found that regular meditation can reduce chronic pain, anxiety, high blood pressure and cholesterol

Meditation elevates your mood. Research shows meditation:


Meditation increases your wellbeing. Research shows meditation: 


Meditation lowers the risk of Heart Disease. Reduce the risk factors of heart disease and enjoy benefits such as: 



The Success Without Stress Meditation Program – SWS – is a technique practiced for 20 minutes, twice a day, for mental rest and rejuvenation.

Workplace wellness programs have been shown in a wide body of research to bring measurable benefits both to employees and to the bottom line of their companies.

Effective programs to reduce work-related stress can achieve the following results:

  • Reduced turn-over and absenteeism

  • Showing employees that they are cared for and valued: the “care factor”

  • Greater employee trust and loyalty, by fostering a sense of community and belonging

  • Improved morale, resilience and engagement

  • Better focus and concentration, and therefore significantly improved performance and workplace wellness

I am feeling calmer, clearer, happier and more rested after introducing meditation to my life. I believe that the benefits of long term meditation will be life changing and will exceed my expectations. The instructions given were simple and clear and I feel like I have a really sound understanding of how to meditate. I feel that any barriers to meditation were worked through as well.
— Naeidra Deery, Psychologist
Absolute clarity and precision in thinking; seeing the world in a different way. My reactions to people are more relaxed, happy and encouraging. Feeling I can manage daily life in a more productive and successful way.
— Kate Keenan Head of Business Performance, Corporate and Business Banking National Australia Bank

Ancient wisdom and Modern Science

The following principles lie at the heart of our training:

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Education: when you understand how stress impacts the mind and body, you take the first critical step towards managing your energy and state more effectively.

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Routine: the right daily routines and practices support continually greater energy and effectiveness.

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Proven mental coping techniques: meditation is a powerful tool which can be discovered and learnt by anyone via our effortless technique.

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Diet and exercise: simple changes to eating, lifestyle and basic yoga practices can create game-changing results


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