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re-focusing of energy recovery, resilience, emotional awareness, motivation and achievements

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Bendigo Bank first partnered with Griffith Consulting in August 2017, with the introduction of the High Performance Success Without Stress Meditation Program.

The program was offered to 43 leaders and managers within Bendigo Bank.

The program allowed all participants to focus on energy recovery, resilience, emotional awareness, motivation and achievements, leading to high performance for the individual and the team.

    Testimonials —

    The program along with other opportunities that have been offered to me recently have contributed to the growth in confidence I’ve felt around the executive area. I am enjoying making key decisions; people who know me, have seen I can take leadership - now I’m taking the step forward. Through sharing and being vulnerable, we have gained more understanding which underpins the relationships of trust, transparency and openness. The meditation is in my calendar every work day – I am more resourceful and worry less, mind is more settled, it tempers my frustration levels, I’m more present and breaking free of unconscious habits.
    — Alistair Walker, Manager, Strategic Partnering, Bendigo Bank
    I am consciously trying to keep my cool and not react over things. I always thought I could do everything but I’m now more realistic. I can delegate more; I am giving people the freedom and opportunity to see how they go and give them my support. I am more confident. I value others’ opinions and think a little more broadly. Catching up with staff is important and not rescheduling meetings. I haven’t moved a meeting since I did the course. I am a motivated person by nature and stick to times to catch up with people. During performance reviews I set one day aside as I want to give people good quality conversations. Meditation once a day, I really look forward to it. I’ve never done a program like this before. To have someone like Bruce look at something like this has been great. The investment will definitely be returned manifold.
    — Tina Sklibosios, Manager, Sydney Operations, Bendigo Bank
    I got a lot of benefit and extra strategies from the program. The calmness I’ve experienced is more the home life. My buffer zone is getting bigger- it was getting thin. I found the meditation for the first month was a positive experience – I do it once a day in my car before I get into office. I feel lighter and clearer and more able to put the past behind me and build on the present. I am more able to prioritize and now I understand more about what I can control and influence. I’m sharing where I can, so it opens other people’s eyes as well. It’s a new organisation and new role for me, so I gained a lot from being in the group and meeting new people and building that connection. Therefore, I’m feeling more confident to be understood. The feedback on the program was overwhelmingly positive, everyone found it positive, and trying to fit the meditation into their lives: I wasn’t expecting this! It’s inspiring to hear that everyone was positive.
    — Dianne Grainger, Senior Business Partner, Bendigo Bank

    Program Results -

    Results speak louder than words:

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