The Enneagram Circle Characteristics of Type 6 - The Questioner

Find out about the different characteristics, stresses, management styles and ways you can assist a 'Type 6 Personality'.

Whether you feel you fit within this characteristic type or a colleague or loved one, learning more about the different character types of the Enneagram circle can assist you in your work and home life.


  • Psychological defence is to question or doubt
  • Alert to what might go wrong
  • Watch for hidden motives of others, and can often see hidden  
  •  agendas.
  •  Seek ways to ensure their safety and security and situations 
  •  which provide protection.
  •  Generally loyal, warm, faithful and dutiful, but wary of authority  
  •  and often suspicious, even of those closest to them.
  •  Either submit to authority or challenge head on. (Flight or fight).
  •  Can sometimes be known to procrastinate.
  •  Can be a little cynical and are often quite witty and funny.

Key Goal -  Safety

Traits - Anxiety, doubt and mistrust, focus on what might go wrong, critical questioning, proactive thinking, loyalty, recognizing hidden agendas

Where the attention goes - Focusing on danger which is magnified, figuring things out, scanning the environment

Pre-occupations - Doubting and mistrusting others,  seek relationships with others or organisations that provide protection, picking up on hidden agendas,

Difficulties produced for self - Procrastination, paranoid thinking, difficulties with authorities (both obedience and rebellion), seeing fearful possibilities everywhere, magnifying dangers, wasting time managing potential risks, cautious scenarios, need for too much information

What causes me stress - The pressure I put on myself and the time I waste in my efforts to deal with uncertainty and insecurity, difficulties with authority, either excessive obedience or rebellion, trying to maintain the trust and goodwill of others while experiencing mistrust and ambivalence toward them

What makes me angry - Untrustworthiness, betrayal, feeling cornered, controlled or pressured, interactions with others that feel too demanding.

Nature of my anger - Wit, sarcasm, biting remarks, accusations, defensive lashing out

Gifts - Thoughtful, warm, protective, problem solver,  loyal, fair, humorous, clever

Basic strategies for development - Develop trust, notice the preoccupation with what might go wrong, pay attention to the positives, check out fears and concerns with others

Daily activity:  Shift your focus away from what could go wrong, trust your own authority, test your perceptions or doubts with others

Management style - Management style is based on analysis, trust and security

Leadership strengths - Loyal to company and employees, responsible, practical, collaborative, strategic, sharp intellect, persevering, anticipates problems, insightful

Improve leadership by - Deal with authority issues, manage your anxiety, minimise procrastination, have a bias for action

Stress point - Type 6 moves in the direction of Type 3 when under pressure or feeling stress. The characteristics at this point could appear to be:

  • Action
  • Productivity

Relax point - Type 6 moves in direction of 9 when in a relaxed state. The characteristics at this point that may then appear are:

  •  Less suspicious, more relaxed
  • Calm

How to get along with a Type 6

  • The 6 likes to be kept informed, so give the 6 as much information as possible
  •  The 6 may appear to be in opposition, without believing it himself. He is usually playing the devil’s advocate
  • Make sure your proposals are well founded and that all details have been checked
  • Be open and honest with a 6. Allergic to hidden agendas and spots them immediately .  Be open and honest.

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