“Warringah Council had a toxic culture which involved bullying and issues dealing with our people in which there was a lack of leadership more generally in the organisation and our staff told us this in our culture surveys. The difference with the Griffith Leadership program was that is actually focuses very much on personal development and understanding the people aspects of leadership and in fact valuing our people and the interpersonal skills of working with each other are vastly important to be dealt with first before dealing with the technical issues of Leadership. You can teach the technical skills of management but leadership is about people and that’s what the Griffith program is all about.”

- John Warburton Deputy General Manager, Community, Warringah Council

“What we’ve achieved has been nothing short of amazing. We have had an outstanding couple of years. With the implementation of the Corporate Plan, and creating a leadership group of the top 21 employees in the organisation that runs and makes the decisions as a group as opposed to a hierarchical system we operated in the past. We have also implemented the introduction of the High Performance Leadership program, with Steve Griffith & Griffith Consulting and that has had an amazing reception from staff.”

- Rik Hart,  General Manager, Warringah Council


“Absolute clarity and precision in thinking; seeing the world in a different way.  My reactions to people are more relaxed, happy and encouraging.  Feeling I can manage daily life in a more productive and successful way.”

- Kate Keenan Head of Business Performance, Corporate and Business Banking National Australia Bank


“Our council had a history of not delivering projects on time or on budget. Our financial management was often in deficit. Our workers compensation claim was high and stress claims were on the increase. As a result of running this program, we are bringing our projects in on time and within or below budget and we are on track to break even with our financial position.  Stress is not a word we hear much about these days.  These results happen due to leaders who are coaching their staff to bring about transformational change. I have seen great benefits with relationship building between staff who attend the course. Now when issues arise, they seem less of a problem because of the strong relationships that are in place. I would recommend the program wholeheartedly to any organisation that wanted to improve their leadership and the resilience of their people and take a holistic approach to the work, life and the community.”

- Wayne Wallis  Chief Executive Officer Port Stephens Council 2015


“It has been fantastic. We have built a program around the mental side of the game and meditation and mindfulness is one component of that. Players, after some early scepticism have embraced it and a lot of them are practising regularly and they are finding it very beneficial towards their performance and how they recover. It is now a part of their program.”

- Don Pyke, Senior Coach, Adelaide Football Club

“Jellis Craig culture has shifted to being more about honest and authentic communication, mutual respect both internally and externally in what is a very competitive industry.”           

- Richard Earle, Director, Licensed Estate Agent & Auctioneer at Jellis Craig

“We employed Steve and his team to run a Leadership Program for our Director Group, and we were absolutely blown away by the quality of the content and most importantly the outcomes. The program is the best I have come across in my career somewhat due to the fact that it is as much about personal management and leadership rather than business.”

- Nick Dowling, CEO Jellis Craig

“Firstly, this program has been a valuable tool providing a catalyst for group discussion and a narrowing of focus and greater understanding of why we exist at this club and what we can achieve together if we really want to do so. In discussion, it is evident that it really doesn’t matter whether meditation is beneficial or not. It’s whether we think it is. In that sense you have provided enough evidence to suggest it does and my belief or otherwise will now be a product of the results I gain from it.”

- Nathan Buckley Senior Coach Collingwood Football Club


“People are more self-aware. They understand that their actions and words impact on others. They are also able to provide intervention strategies to alleviate issues or find solutions. Many people are continuing with the meditation. Many are eating better and are mindful of exercising and providing better balance in their work lives.Many are utilizing the tools and techniques for better leadership and coaching. Based on authentic conversations based and good relationships. We are having people look for more solutions and being more engaged as a result.”                                                                                       

Christina Bassani  //  People and Well-being Employee for Goulburn Valley Water