Jellis Craig, VIC — Case Study

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Infographics here.
Infographics here.

Since 2016, Jellis Craig has utilised our leadership & culture program, as an individualised and personal approach to compliment their corporate culture initiatives. So far, 51 of their leaders including directors, managers and consultants have participated.

Our leadership & culture programs place a focus on the individual’s health and wellbeing in order to enhance and support energy, engagement, health and wellbeing for executive development, leadership, corporate change and cross-functional team building.

Each program is based on a sequential system of seminars, workshops and coaching to establish the self-directed, long-term development of the individual that maximizes results in business, sport and life.


Testimonials —

A transformational experience on a personal and business level. We are still very appreciative of your time, energy and leading us on this path.
— Steven Abbott — Director, Jellis Craig
The HPLC program helped us realize how important the culture is to the employee and employers in terms of output and the wholesomeness of the people making that output. Our culture allows us to check in better - how are things really going, what are your challenges and how can we support.
— Richard Earle — Director, Licensed Estate Agent & Auctioneer at Jellis Craig

The Results


feel that this program is a positive and beneficial tool in the workplace and personal life.

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have noticed an improvement in responses to events and stimulus. ie. More positive, better choices.


experienced improvement in sleeping patterns.


noticed an increase in focus and concentration on tasks.


have noticed an increase in listening skills.


have noticed an increased mental alertness and clarity of mind.


experienced less anxiety or more calmness during the day.

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