High Performance Mind Body Sport Program

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A system of strategies and mental techniques to develop the full potential of the mind, releasing stress and fatigue through deep physical rest and recovery, removing anxiety, increasing positive thought, attitudes and beliefs leading to a quantum leap in performance results, enjoyment and satisfaction.

The High Performance Mind Body Sport Program brings a new level of learning to enable athletes to gain skills and techniques to manage the mind, reduce stress and increase resilience, positivity and belief.

This is a practical program that delivers dynamic learning and techniques for athletes and elite sportspeople. We use a combination of the modern science of neuro-physiology, high performance coaching and the ancient science of meditation to help you increase your self-awareness and accelerate your recovery.

To reach the highest levels of success in all sports there is extensive physical and skills based training. Yet the ability to manage the effect of stress on the mind is often left entirely to chance. When performing at the elite level it is the mind and the ability to handle pressure or stress that is the X Factor – the Razor Edge difference.

By implementing our tried and tested methodology, you or your team will be gaining: 

  • Higher levels of resilience and energy

  • Increased positivity and clarity for individuals and teams

  • Enhanced athletic recovery from highs and lows of any sport or game

  • High performance coaching dedicated to you, as an individual

  • Practical tools that will rebalance, revitalise and repair your mind and body

  • Stress management techniques and reduced anxiety

  • Elimination of fatigue and stabilisation of moods


The program uses 6 steps to create a Breakthrough with the Mind Body Sport Program: 

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The Power of full Engagement, Energy and the Four Intelligences of the Mind and Body

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The Mind Body Sport Success Without Stress Meditation

step 3.png

The High Performance Coaching Session

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How to Understand the Team Personalities for better Communication and Success

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Mind Body Sport Rejuvenation Program

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The High Performance Coaching Session

I have found this to be extremely informative and educational and would be interested in learning more. The meditation sessions (both the group and individual) have been beneficial even in this short time so far. I look forward to continuing and becoming better at the process.
— Matthew Boyd, Athlete, Western Bulldogs Football Club
I initially took up Meditation to enhance sporting performance but found it impacts on my whole life. Meditation gives me increased energy, clearer mind & focus. I am more tolerant and better able to cope with life. It’s been a major contributor to my development, resulting in increased fulfillment in my life.
— Ron Williams, All Blacks 1988-89
Meditation has helped me become much clearer in my outlook. In training my body now functions much better- Overall, it has helped me perform better. Ordinarily training is for the body, but it does not train the mind. Meditation provides that level of training for my mental clarity and sharpness, and for the balance of my entire being, my whole well-being.
— Michelle den Dekker, Captain, Australian netball Team 1989-1995, Twice World Champions 1991 &1995; Coach/Player, Queensland Firebirds, national League.