Goulburn Valley Water, VIC — Case Study


Creating high performing team, reducing stress and poor communication at Goulburn Valley Water.

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Goulburn Valley Water first partnered with Griffith Consulting in 2015, when the first group of 22 leaders participated in our Leadership & Culture Program.

Since then, Goulburn Valley Water has had 61 managers, coordinators, team leaders, officers and other staff participate in the Leadership & Culture Programs.

Christina Bassani, Manager People & Well-Being for Goulburn Valley Water has described the organisations results and experience with Griffith Consulting’s Leadership & Culture Program; “Griffith’s leadership program offering is different. The focus of the program is on the whole person, not just skills and tasks aligned to management.

The program is designed for each individual to focus inside – out. This way each person reflects on their individuality, their wellbeing and their leadership style.

It enables them to focus on making a commitment to themselves to be the best version of themselves they can possibly be. This then extends to being the best type of leader. Which in turn helps us create a wonderful culture.”

“The coaching module allows people to openly discuss their concerns and work through them with great solutions. Participants reported an overall improvement of 22% in their one to one engagement and coaching style of leadership at the end of the program. The program has an underpinning theme of managing stress. All facets of information is given to be able to do this better and incorporate techniques into our daily lives.”


Testimonial —

People are more self-aware. They understand that their actions and words impact on others. They are also able to provide intervention strategies to alleviate issues or find solutions. Many people are continuing with the meditation. Many are eating better and are mindful of exercising and providing better balance in their work lives.

Many are utilizing the tools and techniques for better leadership and coaching. Based on authentic conversations based and good relationships. We are having people look for more solutions and being more engaged as a result.
— Christina Bassani — People and Well-being Employee for Goulburn Valley Water

The Results 

Participants experienced some notable experiences including:


experienced reduced anxiety or more calmness during the day.


noticed an increase in focus and concentration on tasks.


noticed an increase in listening skills.


noticed increased mental alertness and clarity of mind.


of participants feel that this program is a positive and beneficial tool in the workplace and personal life.

Griffith Leadership & Culture programs look at questioning techniques to build better decision making at every level of the Corporation. Extending to better leadership and satisfaction for each person in the organisation.

This tool is being practiced.

The focus of this program is to grow individuals, teams and the corporation at large into a high performing team.

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