The Future of leadership 

1 day workshop


Unlock the potential of the leadership mindset

the five focus strategies to organistional high performance

A unique and world class one day seminar, on the latest breakthroughs in human potential; the brain research on mindfulness, the neurophysiology of meditation, positive psychology, and coaching for transforming self and team culture. Discover how to manage culture and create a collective mindset of positivity. See how leadership and culture is the strategic imperative; shifting from the past bias of management systems, to a growth mindset for a leading culture of innovation.

Tap into the potential of team members to develop positive attitudes and thinking that supports the team and organizational culture. Develop leadership at every level in the team, where members learn to be more pro-active and strategic to solve problems. Give each team member the skill to be more resilient and positive in the face of adversity and negativity.

Create a new level of authentic open communication that creates more engagement and understanding of the different personalities in the team and unleashes cooperation and team building. By understanding the four intelligences, each team member can develop a personal plan of goals and actions that will produce more clarity and energy for themselves. 

What you will learn:

•The innovative thinking for a quantum shift in how we change ourselves, team, and the whole organisation.

• How to focus your team on culture, developing the strategy, and thinking to understand the inside game of your current culture. Create a vision of beliefs, attitudes, acts and behaviours to engage the whole organisation in positive solution focused thinking.

• How to develop personal leadership strategies to create a breakthrough in managing stress, energy and emotional resilience, to improve effectiveness, performance and enjoyment.

• The latest research on the brain and coaching to remove old habits of past performance.

• How to breakthrough inertia, apathy and old ways of thinking that hold up change.

• The five major causes of low performing cultures and why old methods do not work.

• Discover the science and art of mindfulness and meditation.

• The latest research on how to change the brain using the discoveries on neurophysiology and high performance, to improve focus, concentration, and memory through meditation.

What this seminar can achieve:

• Creates the opportunity for each team member not only to understand, but to change thoughts, feelings, attitudes, beliefs and behaviours that influence the “unseen culture of the team”.

• Creates a positive thinking, problem solving,  team culture.

• Allows individuals to increase energy, mental clarity and create a more positive and enjoyable team environment.

• Develops an understanding of individual personalities and differences in the team, allowing for more positive and authentic communication.

• Allows the team to create a new vision and understanding of their team values, to ensure a breakthrough in performance and create a high performing team.

In our one-day intensive seminar, we’ll show you our breakthrough strategy that will cover:

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Time management and how to achieve work/life balance We’ll do all of this in two parts: 

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Seminar and breakout learning workshops covering the above

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A 120-day self-directed learning action planner that you can take away and use for ongoing results

This has been a valuable tool providing a catalyst for group discussion and a narrowing of focus and greater understand- ing of what we can achieve together if we really want to do so.”
”Seminar Rating 9 out of 10
— Nathan Buckley, Assistant Coach, Collingwood Football Club
What we’ve achieved has been nothing short of amazing. We have had an outstanding couple of years. With the implementation of the Corporate Plan and creating a leadership group of the top 21 employees in the organisation that runs and makes the decisions as a group, as opposed to a hierarchical system we operated in the past. We have also implemented the introduction of the High Performance Leadership Program, with Steve Griffith and Griffith Consulting and that has had an amazing reception from staff.
— Rik Hart, General Manager, Inner West Council – NSW
Today has stretched our thinking, opened new possibilities, guided us forward to self reflection and awareness. Mostly, for me and I hope our staff you have planted the beginnings of new wiring. Thanks!” “Seminar Rating: 10 out of 10
— Nick Shaw, Human Resources Manager, Alpine Health