THE High Performance 360° Emotional & Social Competency

Creating a valuable holistic view, identifying the move toward higher levels of conscious leadership and emotional intelligence for excellence in a culture of accountability.

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Want to know how your team really feel? The High Performance 360° Report will create a holistic view of organisational competencies using data collected from your direct reports, fellow managers and leaders.

Self-Awareness is the key component of change, understanding and comparing our own view of our leadership competencies with the 360 degree report allows us to focus on the development of a six month Self-Directed Learning Action Planner to bridge the gaps and improve our Leadership competencies leading to a more effective high performing team and organisation and greater enjoyment and success as a leader.

The insights you’ll gain from this learning and development program are invaluable: (below info displayed in graph/wheel/box etc)

  • It will assist you in taking the next steps in your career and personal development strategy

  • You’ll get invaluable objective feedback and insights like never before

  • Up level your emotional and social intelligence to build the group’s learning

  • We use an emotional and social competency model that is based on the world’s most validated and widely-used models of emotional intelligence

  • It’s the first step in creating a massive culture shift for your organisation.


The survey measures twenty-one key leadership competencies organised into five sections: 

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Partnering with Griffith Consulting in our leadership and cultural change development has been one of the most important organisational decisions we have made. The results and staff surveys display objective data to show the change in culture. We have had remarkable personal benefits as well with our staff. I would strongly recommend any local government engage these programs if they want to rapidly change their culture.
— Peter Gesling, CEO Port Stephens City Council.