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And the results speak for themselves: 97% of past participants found that our programs were a major benefit for work and life.

Just give us one day with you and your people: we’ll help you develop techniques and strategies to foster a culture of high performance, empower your people, lower stress levels and improve mental alertness.

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The 'Success Without Stress' Meditation Program


Increased alertness, deeper concentration, better sleep - sounds pretty good, eh?

That’s just a few of the benefits you’ll receive if you work with us in the Success Without Stress program.

People often externalise the need for change, but we can tell you right now that personal ownership is the most important belief shift – so in this program, we’ll show you how to own your own happiness, solve any niggling problems and show up and do the job at hand.

You’ll find out how to implement meditation in everyday life, while improving clarity, focus and energy levels. Oh, and productivity and happiness are byproducts, too!

This is what you’ll gain from our program and through harnessing the power of meditation: 

  • Increased energy, resilience and positivity
  • You’ll learn a simple and effortless (but life-changing) mental technique
  • You’ll discover a new state of rest and refreshment never experienced before
  • An understanding of what stress is and its effect on work, health, relationships and on yourself
  • You’ll find out what the impacts of positive and negative thoughts have on the body
  • Tools you can use to change your behaviour and moods through improved routines

We’ll do this in three parts:

  • Seminar and learning workshops
  • 120-day self-directed action planner
  • High Performance Health Management Program – Success Without Stress
I am feeling calmer, clearer, happier and more rested after introducing meditation to my life. I believe that the benefits of long term meditation will be life changing and will exceed my expectations. The instructions given were simple and clear and I feel like I have a really sound understanding of how to meditate. I feel that any barriers to meditation were worked through as well.
— Naeidra Deery Psychologist


Now more than ever, executives succeed or fail depending up on their capacity to organise and engage with their teams. Clarity of thinking, personal resilience and mindfulness are now irreplaceable tools in the leadership tool kit. The Success Without Stress program, with its unique use of meditation processes and focus on improvement of mind, body, heart and spirit has made a significant contribution to my own personal effectiveness and career longevity.

In addition, the program has had a profound and lasting effect on those of my colleagues who have also experienced this distinctive learning opportunity. I strongly recommend the Success Without Stress program to leaders who wish to look at leadership in a different and personally sustainable way.
— Jon Smiles, HR Director, Americas Industrial Coatings 2014
Partnering with Griffith Consulting in our leadership and cultural change development has been one of the most important organisational decisions we have made. The results and staff surveys display objective data to show the change in culture. We have had remarkable personal benefits as well with our staff. I would strongly recommend any local government engage these programs if they want to rapidly change their culture.
— Peter Gesling, Chief Executive Officer, Port Stephens City Council 2013