Introductory Future of Leadership & Success Without Stress Meditation Seminar

Changing culture is the most important strategic focus for any organisation. Unfortunately, most recognise this yet few are able to fully implement it while satisfying all stakeholders. We have specialised in strategic culture change and leadership development through working on the inside game of culture, business and change – the hearts and minds of the people - the soft stuff, by implementing an integrated system of strategies for whole person development.

From our experience we see that the key to the Future of Leadership and Culture is not in focusing on restructuring systems and processes alone, but in restructuring the basis of high performance which is in the mind of the performer. To change the performance, change the performer.

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Steve is the Director and Founder of Griffith Consulting Group; Director and Founder of Sukhavati Ayurvedic Retreat & Spa, Bali; The Institute for Mindful Leadership, and Veda Wellness in Australia.

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Steve is a motivational public speaker delivering over 200 conference and seminars a year. He has created The High Performance Leadership Coach Programs that provide transformational training and results in Leadership and Cultural Change for 100s of CEOs, Managers, and Staff at some of Australia’s leading Corporate and Government organisations.  

Steve studied the Science of Creative Intelligence and its application in the field Consciousness at Maharishi European Research University, Switzerland and Maharishi Vedic College Melbourne. He has specialized in this field of study and teaching for thirty five years. 

Steve was instrumental in the establishment of the first rural University, in partnership with the Ministry of Education, for orphaned youths in the Prey Veng province of Cambodia in the early 1990’s. Under his leadership, funds were raised to build the first classrooms and halls of residence, and to subsidize faculty wages and student scholarships. Degree programs in agriculture and management were offered to help rebuild the countries education system and restore the wellbeing and confidence of the youth who are the future of the country.



We invite you to join Steve Griffith for a complimentary introduction to the
Future of Leadership & Success Without Stress Meditation Seminar in May.

Our invitation to you is to use this seminar to challenge you. Understand how the brain works and how to maximise resilience to master the challenge of change. Did you know that our past experience hardwires the brain to repeat pretty much the same patterns of thinking and behaviour? It takes a lot of time and energy to rewire new patterns. Do you see that in your yourself or your team? Are they stepping up and taking on leadership and accountability? Which of those in your team are able to create a resonant dynamic team environment? Or is it business-as-usual and “this is how we have always done it”. Do we change the system alone or do we transform the performer to get a better performance? “If we do what we have always done, we will get what we’ve always got.”

Our mind creates an unconscious bias towards systems and processes; which we call the outer game of business. This in turn hijacks the attention away from the inner game of leadership. Self-aware and solution minded people are those that willingly engage in examining beliefs, attitudes and biases that interfere with high performance and achievement. There is an art to building resilience, optimism and emotional fitness. When this is learned and engaged then what takes place is a quantum leap in organisational performance.

The difference is this workshop won’t just challenge you and your team; it will offer the opportunity to systematically create a new action plan for personal change and accountability.

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