The Challenge of Change

How often do we hear the saying “It’s all in the mind”. We have over 80,000 thoughts each day, unfortunately most of our thoughts are the same as yesterday, or the day before that or even the day before that. We think a lot but often not differently, we worry about the same things, get annoyed often with the same things, drive to work the same way.

We are hardwired to think.


We do this so often that we hardwire our thoughts and our brain that keeps us from thinking differently, behaving differently, acting differently, developing ourselves differently.

Change can be risky but the riskiest place to be is not to change at all.

Trying to do the same things in the same ways you have always done will only deliver more of the same?

Few things are as foolish as hoping old behaviors will present new results.

Trying harder, yet in the same way, leads to exhaustion.

The old saying birds of a feather flock together” means we seek people who support our current thinking, our current ways of behaving, we don't go out of our way to find people who challenge our current thinking.

Why?  The answer lies in the nature of the brain- we are hardwired to reject anything foreign or threatening.  A new idea comes into the brain and unless we can find a pattern from the past, the brain will eliminate that new information and return to the previous patterning.

The challenge for us all is not just to do more of the same to get a different result or even work harder but to be open to trying different ways.

Open to a different diet, going to bed 60 minutes earlier, reading more about self-development, meeting different people, meditating twice a day, not dwelling on the past but creating a new vision for the future.

When we begin any new routine it takes time because we have our old patterns which we think are ok and serving us well, but to be our best we must see that we are only using a small % of our human potential and to get more out of ourselves we first have to think that we have much more potential to develop.

If we don't think that -we won't search for new ways.  We just hope that things will be different but actually don't do anything different.  To make a change we must first think that it's possible.

The biggest risk is not to think it is possible.  We are not limited by anything but our own belief in and thinking of what we are capable of as an individual or a team.

Trust is the key to belief. Yes, trust there is much more potential in you and all around you.

Trust is passing the ball when it's dropped to the same person again and again because you believe and support them when they make a mistake. 

Trust is compassion, lack of negativity, trust in the future to be better than the past, trust in your potential.

Trust includes believing in a better outcome, a better future.  It's really about knowing everything will work out, and just staying focused in the present and don't worry about the future. Worrying won’t change it, but doing something differently, thinking differently today will. Otherwise there is a risk nothing will change. Don't waste time looking in the rear vision mirror, you could miss how good things could be down the road. Tough times make great teams and even greater leaders. 

Yes, it's all in the mind but it's up to you to choose what's in your mind.

Remember you have a choice in how you think. 

Keep meditating. Keep great routines and don't entertain negativity. 

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Author: Steve Griffith

Steve is the Director and Founder of Griffith Consulting Group; Director and Founder of Sukhavati Ayurvedic Retreat & Spa, Bali; The Institute for Mindful Leadership, and Veda Wellness in Australia.

Steve is a motivational public speaker delivering over 200 conference and seminars a year. He has created The High Performance Leadership Coach Programs that provide transformational training and results in Leadership and Cultural Change for 100s of CEOs, Managers, and Staff at some of Australia’s leading Corporate and Government organisations. 

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