Managing Energy, Not Time


Do you find yourself constantly managing time? Constantly reviewing your diary, looking at the time every hour. We are constantly expending energy, yet how often are we matching this with energy recovery? Energy expended must be matched by energy recovery. It is important for us to remember to not manage time, but manage energy instead.  

Every time you meditate you give the body deeper rest than you get in sleep, but you’re awake. Harvard university professor Dr Keith Wallace recorded that the level of rest during meditation is twice as deep as sleep. 

It's called restful alertness. It doesn’t feel like rest because in this state you can have lots of thoughts but that's the body in recovery. 

Meditation improves the mind’s capacity to think more clearly and develop more powerful thinking, sleep doesn't do that.  

 Deep down in the sub conscious we harbor past doubts, fears and regrets. It drives our habits, routines, beliefs and our future. What we subconsciously think affects our future. To change our future we have to think differently in the present. 

Meditation removes deeper levels of past stress that sleep cannot. Your thoughts are like powerful magnets attracting positive or negative outcomes in the future. We create our future with our thoughts today.  

 When you have a group thinking and believing in the present then the future takes care of itself. 

 It's that extra rest every day, twice a day that you won't notice in each session but your body will by the end of the week or by the end of a busy work season. You will have maintained the energy to perform at higher levels than you would if you had not committed to just closing the eyes for 20 minutes twice a day. 

 If you are not sleeping, feeling anxious waking up, feeling grumpy or short then you need to meditate and recover to change your state.  

 Manage energy not time; recover energy by taking 20 minutes twice a day to get rest deeper than sleep. 

 The future begins today. Anything is possible if you believe it is.   

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Author: Steve Griffith

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Steve is the Director and Founder of Griffith Consulting Group; Director and Founder of Sukhavati Ayurvedic Retreat & Spa, Bali; The Institute for Mindful Leadership, and Veda Wellness in Australia.

Steve is a motivational public speaker delivering over 200 conference and seminars a year. He has created The High Performance Leadership Coach Programs that provide transformational training and results in Leadership and Cultural Change for 100s of CEOs, Managers, and Staff at some of Australia’s leading Corporate and Government organisations. 

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