Reflections and Future Visions

As 2018 races to a distant memory and 2019 looms, the question for ourselves, our business and our teams revolve around our reflections and our future visions.



The uniqueness of the human being which separates us from all other animals is of course that we can think in reverse and fast forward into the future. It’s a very handy brain we have, but do we use it? Do we consciously reflect and choose to innovate and create or unconsciously repeat the past?


Our minds are strange and its stranger when we realise what we do it in the present or the ‘eternal now’ (as you’re never ever out of it) but in truth, we rarely are we in the present. We are forever thinking about the past or future. We worry about things we can’t change and fear things that have not yet happened.


As a result of this, we also miss the joy of where we are, what we have and how well we are doing. We forget to reflect positively and celebrate our successes. Isn’t it so easy to dwell on the negative and miss the positive? Positivity is like Teflon and negativity is Velcro.The new year looms with new ideas, promises, resolutions and of course for us all in business the perennial reviews and the question and plans of ‘what are we going to do differently?’


Nothing in the world is secure it’s always changing; people, businesses and markets. Of course, innovation is a buzzword, it’s another eternal truth that we have to keep evolving or creating new ways to progress and survive in any business, relationship or team. Nothing stays the same.


Personally, we can consciously change from a state of positivity and joy or a state of negativity and pain. We can unconsciously continue to repeat what we did yesterday and the day before and last year, hoping that next year it could be better, but we have not changed our thinking or actions.

If we don’t change and innovate what will the result of no change be? What does my future look like? One of the most interesting experiences of being a human being is that we can lead or follow. It’s a real shift when we realise that our reality is created within our thoughts, like a script writer or director on a movie, we walk on to the set and that’s our life. Our life is directly a result of our thinking. We blame people, environments and markets for our state of mind and our results, but the reality is very different. In business and in our life we create it in our imagination and our thoughts, then it manifests into our world.

You can’t create a positive result in a negative mindset, that’s another eternal truth.  So, what is the game in 2019? To continue to innovate ourselves and to keep investing in ourselves. To step out of our comfort zones from a state of positive energy by creating the most important game in town (our own internal game of resilience and energy). Using great routines that we create, like; meditation, exercise, diet, sleep and taking time out every day to motivate yourself through new books, podcasts and conversations.

We need to learn to balance our energy flow, so that you expend and recover energy. If you don’t, you will get tired - fatigue is the enemy of positivity, optimism, imagination and innovation. When you become tired it results in stress, the environment begins to control your mind and dictate to you. You lose sight of your vision and goals. Most importantly, you lose the ability to communicate and lead with positivity. Life is a personal, inner-journey for us, filled with developing ourselves at every challenge, obstacle and difficulty personally and in business is simply a lesson for us. If we are willing to be accountable for the truth and accept that we are the only one who can create our changes.

As the year slows down it’s a beautiful time to slow down as well and look back with whatever important reflections we all need to make, but most importantly to be grateful to those around us; our teams, partners, friends and family because it’s too easy to not be present to the reality that without them it would not be possible or worthwhile.

 Thank you to all of our incredible clients

We were thrilled that many of our clients this year celebrated over ten years of continued service and engagement with Griffith Consulting and with over 2,000 people from organisations; leaders and teams going through our 2018 programs, we are filled with gratitude for your continued support. The incredible feedback from all of our clients makes the work we do at Griffith Consulting a very fulfilling, life journey.


To my team, you’re amazing! Each and every one of you, it’s a joy every day because of you all -delivery team, coaching team, meditation team and customer service team well done, thanks for a fantastic year.


Where ever you are, have a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s holiday! We look forward to re-connecting and working with you again in 2019.

Kind Regards,

Steve Griffith.

Author: Steve Griffith

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Steve Griffith is the founder & CEO of Griffith Consulting.

Steve delivers leadership, resilience and meditation programs to individuals and organisations all around Australia each year.

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