Also called the Mediator, Harmoniser or Connector

  • Calming energy – mediates and absorbs conflict.

  • Able to see all points of view.

  • May say yes when they really want to say no.

  • May postpone change or dealing with issues to avoid anger and conflict.

  • Like comfort and predictability and contain physical energy.

  • Accept wishes of others and may forget their own point of view.

  • Strong. When pushed, can dig in.

  • They are the glue that keeps families, groups, organisations and society functioning.



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  • Pay attention to own self and needs.

  • Stay in touch with your own feelings.

  • Determine priorities and take action on them.

  • Welcome discomfort and change.

  • Stay engaged in conversations.

  • Move to point 3 relax point. Ask: “What will it take on my part to achieve this outcome’?

  • Self-observe, find your voice, state your own desires and needs.

  • Make decisions.

  • Focus on the important stuff, not trivialities.

  • Stay with and deal with conflict.

  • Set your own goals and meet deadlines.

  • Eat moderately.

  • If slowing, speed up.

  • Be in touch with your annoyance and anger and express it to those involved.

  • Clarify what you want.

  • Accept your anger.

  • Face conflict.


Daily activity:Express your needs directly, say no when necessary, set priorities and keep them, take a position.

Author: Veronica Lunn

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Veronica has had significant experience working with large and small organizations, industry groups and individuals, providing workshops, seminars, forums and one on one coaching. With a strong background working with local government and state government, as well as the private sector, Veronica is an accredited Enneagram practitioner and teacher and brings high level facilitation and relationship skills to Griffith Consulting.

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