Our vision is to create stress free positive thinking solution minded people.

Partnering with you, your team and your organisation we can build a resilient engaged culture.

We shape successful leaders for a better future.


At Griffith, our work is defined by the results we achieved for our clients.

For almost 30 years, we have used our leadership expertise and techniques to help people like you implement solutions to achieve success - in whatever way you define it.

Our experienced team of specialists have backgrounds in government, small to large business, not-for-profit, high-flying sporting teams and pretty much everything else in between.

Our mission is to help you create cultural shifts, bring people together, develop strategic plans and change mindsets to make workplaces better performing, functional and more fun!

Our work is focused on giving you:

  • Results-oriented programs that transform organisational cultures and develop high-performing people.
  • Strategies that work as a guide to deliver a quantum leap in performance, accountability and satisfaction of your team.
  • Change management solutions that challenge past behaviour and inspire new ways of thinking.
  • Tools to help manage stress, develop resilience and boost energy (and help you create great places to work).




Griffith Consulting helps you to become a better leader and create great places to work.

We’re change-makers. Culture shifters. Transformation experts.

We do this by providing organisational leaders and their teams with programs and strategies that facilitate change, enhance mindfulness and create a culture of high performing people.

And we’ve been doing it for almost 30 years.

We’ve worked with leading government bodies, not-for-profit and public organisations as well as sporting groups to develop and implement strategies to achieve success - in whatever way success is defined for them.

Through workshops, programs, mentoring, coaching, one-on-one sessions and everything in between, we foster high performing, solution-oriented cultures that produce highly-engaged leaders and employees.

Not only that, but through our strategic, scientifically-based programs, we can help your team become advocates of positive energy and accountability, and one which delivers superior customer service, teamwork and organisational results every time.


We love empowering people to become great leaders – and we do that through results-oriented strategies, programs and guidance.

We believe that together, we can shape our culture by inspiring others to think and act differently. Because it’s not enough to simply want change, it’s about implementing the right thing at the right time – a targeted, directed and focused transition.

We have the power to free ourselves and others from what holds us back – leading to higher performing teams and organisations focused on success.

We will never settle. We are committed to challenging assumptions, partnering with people and businesses and sharing our wisdom.


We are:

  • We are not afraid to be ourselves.
  • We look on the bright side of life.
  • We are experienced, but always on the lookout for something new to learn.
  • We go with our gut.
  • We are transparent, open and honest.

We are not:

  • We never settle, we know there's better ways of doing things.
  • We’re assertive, but that shouldn’t be mistaken for pushy.
  • We’re not boring or plain - there’s nothing ordinary about us.